Practice Areas

The political landscape in Washington dictates it will take more than simply throwing money at a traditional lobbying firm to achieve your company’s goals and objectives.  To succeed in this realm it requires a global innovative approach beyond the four-corners of the “Lobbyist’s Handbook”.  At Reigncore, your objectives reign supreme. 
Our practice areas include the following:
  • International Trade:
    • Immediate emphasis regarding the passing of the USMCA;
      • [Potential upcoming vote pending in the autumn of 2019];
    • 301 Tariffs;
      • Exclusions;
      • Relief from subsequent 301 tariffs;
    • ITAR and EAR;
      • Assist with further development of Export Control Reform;
      • Migration of goods from the USML to the CCL;
      • Assist with developing export clearance regulations and routed exports;
      • Removal of prohibitions from exports, imports and sale to/from certain countries;
  • U.S. Commercial/Business:
    • Tobacco-related legislation;
      • Master Settlement Agreement [“MSA”];
    • State Initiatives and Propositions;
      • Including required petition efforts for acceptance/placement on the ballot;
At Reigncore we have the experience, to utilize tools of persuasion that extend beyond the tradition avenues of lobbying, to include social media and advanced internet-efficiency programs.  Contact our President, S. George Alfonso at the offices in D.C. (202) 349-1111, Dallas (972) 752-8330, or via e–mail  at to learn how Reigncore can create a customized, financially realistic blueprint to secure your business interests and obtain the growth your business can achieve.