About Us

The Founders of Reigncore, LLC, Adrienne Braumiller and S. George Alfonso have collectively amassed more than 50 years of experience in providing problem-solving solutions to their clients, both in the U.S. and internationally.  After closely collaborating with one another in providing legal counsel for clients in international trade, including testifying during Group 2 and Group 3 301 tariff hearings in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2018, as well as complex international commercial contract drafting and dispute resolution, the two formed Reigncore.
Adrienne and George have combined their unique talents and experiences in the fields of international trade and artful persuasion as the cornerstone of Reigncore, a boutique lobbying and consulting firm providing elite representation for the client which seeks the multifaceted brain power and unconventional philosophies necessary to achieve the client’s goals and objectives.  At Reigncore, your objectives reign supreme.  
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Adrienne Braumiller
Chief Executive Officer

Adrienne Braumiller is the founder of Braumiller Law Group PLLC and an innovative force in the international trade law arena. With more than 25 years of experience, she is widely recognized as a leading authority in Customs, import, export, foreign-trade zones, free trade agreements and ITAR compliance.  She  has been involved in every aspect of import and export compliance, from developing compliance programs to conducting audits and assessments, representing clients who are under investigation, preparing and submitting voluntary disclosures, preparing and filing classification requests and  licenses,  analyzing  whether  specific  transactions  should  be  pursued, and more.
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S. George Alfonso

S. George Alfonso founded The Law Offices of S. George Alfonso 25 years ago.  Since its inception the firm has provided elite legal representation to clientele throughout the U.S. and internationally. Mr. Alfonso’s experiences in his legal practice include international arbitration, as well as complex commercial litigation and arbitration in the U.S.  Mr. Alfonso has spent the past two-plus decades effectively negotiating contracts for clients (both regional and international) and has utilized his substantial tools of persuasion and effective ability to communicate, beyond the courtroom and beyond the boardroom, having brought these talents to the realm of politics. Endorsements
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Jessica Wasserman
Partner, Greenspoon Marder
Government Relations and International Trade Group
Independent Contractor, Reigncore

Jessica Wasserman is a partner in the International, Government Relations and Cannabis Law practice groups at Greenspoon Marder LLP. She has extensive experience in politics, lobbying, regulatory advocacy including Food and Drug Administration regulated products, and law. Ms. Wasserman has held senior positions in the Executive Branch involving international economic and trade policy, at the Department of Commerce and Department of Agriculture. Ms. Wasserman also works regularly with the U.S. Congress.
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James Holbein,
Of Counsel
Braumiller Law Group
Reigncore Lobbying, D.C. Office

In addition to his numerous contacts in Washington D.C., Jim Holbein has decades of experience in trade negotiating, trade policy development, tariff nomenclature and administration, customs enforcement, international trade dispute settlement, and import compliance. In his most recent federal position he managed the development of tariff nomenclature for all Section 301 tariffs and exclusion, Miscellaneous Tariff Bills, for non-legal statistical breakouts to help firms isolate trade volumes for specific products, and supervised U.S. representation to the World Customs Organization making changes to the Harmonized System.
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Bob Brewer,
Minority Partner, Reigncore
VP of Marketing, Braumiller Law and Braumiller Consulting

Bob has been handling all the marketing and PR for both Braumiller Law Group and Braumiller Consulting Group since 2002. He has over 30 years of experience in the marketing field and is adept at utilizing his skills to create various opportunities for promotion of the firms.  He is responsible for all of the various marketing materials distributed to our client base on a regular basis, (as well as potential new clients).
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