Unlike Any Lawyer I Have Ever Worked With

“George is unlike any lawyer I have ever worked with. His out-of-the-box, creative style helped us see and hear our opponent’s messaging in a totally different light, allowing us to expose their deceptive bait and switch messaging.”

“I have been a registered lobbyist and government consultant for a group of convenience stores in the state of Missouri for the last 12-years. In my 30-plus years in this business I have worked with some of the best and brightest Attorneys in the nation on virtually every major issue facing the state of Missouri.

In 2012, one of my clients, a convenience store business with multiple locations in eastern Missouri, faced the insurmountable challenge of defeating the largest tobacco tax in the states history. The tax proposal had come to the ballot by an initiative petition and threatened the sales and profitability of the convenience store businesses I represent.

We brought S. George Alfonso to the table with less than 6-weeks left in the campaign to assist in the development and implementation of a fact based campaign to convince would-be voters that there was more to the tax than meets the eye. George is unlike any lawyer I have ever worked with. His out-of-the-box, creative style helped us see and hear our opponent’s message in a different light, allowing us to expose the opposition’s deceptive bait and switch messaging.

Andy Arnold,
President, Arnold & Associates

S. George Alfonso Exceeded Expectations At Every Level

“S. George Alfonso exceeded expectations at every level through his imaginative use of cutting edge technology and his unique ability to communicate with voters across the state of Missouri.”

“As President of U-Gas, Inc. my business included 35 convenience stores throughout Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky. I always looked for ways to protect our interests and maximize our potential for growth, expansion and success.  One way I successfully accomplished these goals was by retaining the services of S. George Alfonso and his unique brand of political consulting.  For the last decade of my ownership of U-Gas, George provided invaluable political consulting services.
Proposition B: A Success Story
George’s political insightfulness and unique communication skills as a litigator came to the forefront during his successful political lobbying campaign and consulting efforts which formed the core of the successful come-from-behind election victory in defeating “Proposition B” – what would’ve been, if passed, Missouri’s largest ever tobacco tax increase.  George was brought in on the eleventh hour, only weeks before the November vote on this ballot initiative.  He immediately launched head first, accepting the challenge by implemented his unique strategy in combining cutting edge technology and social media with his unique art of communication skills in order to get our message out to Missouri’s voters as well as communicate with those voters, in order to reverse what was up until that point, an ever-increasing polling trend in support of Proposition B.

Reasonably Structured Flat Fee Retainer
George understands today’s budgetary realities for businesses
. “My business repeatedly utilized his “Flat Fee Multi-Stage Retainer Approach” on various projects to my great satisfaction with quantifiable results achieved within the retainer set  I hate to think where my company and business would have been without George.

George is the Man
I highly recommend any business owner who seeks to both protect their business interests and expand their business’s potential for success to seek out George and his highly creative team and the unique use of technological and communication skills by contacting him directly at Reigncore, LLC
.  He will be happy to discuss your company’s particular concerns and objectives.  I’m certain his two decades of experience and unique outlook will benefit your company as it did mine.”

Craig Taylor,
Former President U-Gas, Inc.