With Offices in Washington, D.C. & Dallas, Texas

Reigncore, LLC is a boutique lobbying firm with offices in Washington, D.C. and Dallas, Texas.  The company was founded by attorney Adrienne Braumiller, the Founder of Braumiller Law Group, PLLC (an international trade firm) and attorney S. George Alfonso, the Founder of The Law Offices of S. George Alfonso (a litigation/arbitration, commercial contract drafting and dispute resolution firm).  Adrienne and George have worked closely together in their practices over the past six years, with their collaborative success leading to the creation of Reigncore.
Reigncore’s lobbying and consulting services harnesses the decades of experience the two have acquired in the arts of effective persuasion and knowledge of international trade, in order to provide the same level of elite problem-solving capabilities for Reigncore client in lobbying and consulting as their law firm clients have grown to expect over the past quarter century.  At Reigncore, your objectives reign supreme.
What makes Reigncore different from the traditional D.C. lobbying firms?  Click here and find out.


Reigncore, LLC

Washington, D.C.

1725 I Street, Suite 300 NW
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 349-1111

Dallas, Texas

5220 Spring Valley Road, Suite 200
Dallas, Texas 75254
(972) 752-8330
Please NOTE: Reigncore is not a law firm.  In their respective capacities as CEO and President of Reigncore, neither Adrienne nor George provide legal counsel or representation.  Should you believe that you or your company may require legal representation in the area of international trade, please contact Adrienne at (214) 348-9306 [Adrienne@Braumillerlaw.com].  Should you believe that you or your company may require legal representation in the areas of litigation, arbitration (U.S. or International), commercial contract drafting or dispute resolution, please contact S. George Alfonso at (214) 878-2390 [SGeorge@WorldWideCounsel.Net].